Fees and Registration
# Children  Regular
 Total Regular Fee:
8 weeks
 Full Summer Incentive:
PAID IN FULL BY July 1, 2016
1  $175.00  $1,400.00  $1,260.00
2*  $330.00  $2,640.00  $2,400.00
3*  $485.00  $3,880.00  $3,500.00
Part-time Max. 3 days (NOT including Fridays)  $120.00  $960.00 $960.00

Due to changes in legislation, this year, we are only offering camp programs to children born in 2013 or earlier

Weekly trip fees are included in the full-time camper fee

Part time Options: No less than 3days/week, Monday – Thursday only.  $120/child no incentive options available

There is an additional one time $35.00 non-refundable, registration fee per camper to cover administrative costs.

Camp T-shirts will be provided free of charge.

3% Surcharge will be added for all credit card transactions

*To qualify for multiple child discount, campers must be siblings.

**No post dated cheques accepted

Did You Know?…

  • You can claim camp registration fees towards child care expenses on your income tax return if your spouse or common-law partner incurred the expenses in order to work, carry on a business, or attend school.
  •  You could claim up to $7,000 a year.
  • For more information on claiming child care expenses, visit Canada Revenue Agency website at  http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/ and search for ‘claiming child care expenses’